Australia dating bank notes

Older notes are identified by a combination of the serial number and the signatures of the "Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia" and the "Secretary to the Treasury".Decimal paper banknotes issued from 1966 to 1972 will have the words "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" printed at the top on both sides.Serial Numbering The general public today is quite used to seeing our notes printed with uniform serial numbers - nearly all Australian notes issued since 1988 feature a four-digit prefix and a six-digit serial number.Australians in the early 1900's had no such luxury, as there were 10 different varieties of the ten-shilling note alone in Australia's first decade of a national paper currency.It will be interesting to see if new security features are incorporated in this modified series.Remarks: all images reduced 50% Banknotes are attributed to last Pick's catalogue: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, volume 2: General Issues 1368-1960 Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, volume 3: Modern Issues 1961- Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, volume 1: Specialized Issues home - glossary, grading etc. One may well ask why the Treasury was not immediately able to arrive at a serial numbering system that was workable over the long term, the answer may lie in the scope of the tasks it had to deal with at the time.Although today the Commonwealth Treasury focuses primarily on economic policy, during World War I it was concerned with a range of issues – pooling the production of primary goods and imposing price controls on household items were just two it was engaged with in addition to regulating the legal tender circulating Australia's monetary system.

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Preamble: Following a commemorative for the bicentenary in 1988, between 19 Australia completed its conversion to polymer banknotes.Decimal paper banknotes issued from 1974 onwards will have the word "AUSTRALIA" printed at the top on both sides.From 1993 a coded system of dating on the new polymer notes was commenced.Some of the banknote prefix and serial number information has been compiled from incomplete records, and it is possible that banknotes have been issued with serial numbers outside of those published in the above tables.While every effort has been made by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to ensure the information is correct, the RBA accepts no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information, nor any responsibility for financial loss or damage resulting from use of the information.

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