Cm error while updating java lang nullpointerexception absolute and relative dating ppt

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Checking this out on the file system revealed that the file could only be accessed with administrator privileges.

Apparently I had at some point launched eclipse from an administrator console by mistake. In my case it seems to be caused by a bad jar file combined with the zip libs not throwing a proper exception, just a Null Pointer Exception.

But, because I was using Workspace Resolution to resolve some pom dependencies to a project in the same Workspace, I had to disable Workspace Resolution, then Disable the Maven Nature, then re-enable Maven on the project. This might also arise due to the presence of circular dependency in your eclipse workspace.The root issue in my case was a file conflict in the .settings folder.So, deleting the .settings folder would have resolved the Maven error, but I wanted to keep some of my local configuration files.I am using Windows 7-64bit and look like same error getting in Ubuntu also This issue also reported in Android Issues, but still not solution Event Dispatch Events(Event Dispatch at Invocation Event.dispatch(Invocation at Event Queue.dispatch Event Impl(Event at Event Dispatch Events For Filter(Event Dispatch at

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