Dating male seeking female

Likewise with the woman: she hasn’t swam in a lake or ocean in over seven years, since her sister’s bachelorette party, and the reading and cooking are more things she would like to do than things she actually does.

He goes to the train station and stands in line and can’t go through with it.

She had given him her phone number in an email, but he had forgotten (purposefully? When ten minutes have passed, and then fifteen, she becomes self-conscious that the wait staff is watching her, pitying her.

) to give her his, so she can’t call him, but maybe he’ll call her. She drinks several more glasses of white wine, so cold the glass wets her fingers, to calm her nerves, but it doesn’t work.

She brings the photograph of him from ten years ago that she printed out at home, in which he is too orange—something is wrong with her printer—and she holds it up every time a man walks in.

When it becomes eight o’clock and he’s not there yet, she tells herself that he’s running late.

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