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With a mixture of both cream and powder formulations, this palette can achieve a vast amount of makeup looks with the swipe of a finger.

With reflective holographic pigments that shine, glimmer and glow when caught by the light, this palette can turn your super pretty makeup look into a supernatural makeup look.

I don’t feel a bit of guilt, either, which is odd….

I used to hate to have to change my schedule to suit the elements, or even to suit other folks, and doing so added that guilt/angst to my daily emotional stew.

Whatever effort it takes is not to be considered an obstacle, but rather a spur to act….

Well, I have found this to have exceptions as one ages… If I had a task to perform, it used to be I could go out in any weather to work at it, without ever considering how uncomfortable I might get due to rain, or cold, or mud, or whatever inclemency was happening.

Volcanic is slightly lighter compared to the Rusted Rose shade, but has a slightly more iridescent feel to it.This doesn’t seem to bother me at all, which, I suppose, makes me as much of an egotist as anyone else…. “If you want to have a long life, you must give up all those things that would make a long life interesting and fun.” — Smart Bee What with the change in schedule, my head is now completely disoriented, so I should be ready to start writing….. The fear of some mere raindrops is enough to stir me up sufficiently to get the old neurons flashing at each other, as my head wraps itself around the concept of staying warm and dry, as opposed to wet and cold, and shivers in relief…… __________________________________ Once again, Reality has stepped into my space to give me a message from Murphy, to wit: F___ you…. So, in order to assemble an adequate Pearl, I have to go old school…. but, it is an interesting lesson to learn about myself, and how my attitudes are changing as I get older. Since I now have at least an hour before the next bus, I will try to re-assume some semblance of efficiency, and start the morning dive…. Here are a series of quotes, all on different subjects, sort of, but all tied together…. Lives a passionate life, with a compassionate nature, and dispassionate judgment. Although intended for the use on cheeks and cupids bow, if you're looking to tie for makeup together, why not apply a little of the shades on your eyelids or lips for an extra edgy vibe?This super versatile palette retails at just £10.99. The Matte Me lip creams dry completely matte, they don't flake nor do they wear off throughout the day.

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