Prostitute dating

For those who can separate the physical from the emotional, I think it is quite possible for them to have a loving, fulfilling relationship."Your argument largely hinges upon the presumption that the prostitute is employed in the sex trades as a primary choice and not as a option grounded in desperation." This is somewhat true and is a good point, however what you are arguing with this statement: "However, in my experience, the state of mind of a person who is a prostitute is usually so wrecked that the willingness to peddle their flesh to anyone willing to pay is just another example of a tortured psyche devoid of usual stops that most people have when making long-term decisions about their life" could be seen as saying that the reason the relationship wouldn't work is because the woman in question is mentally not fit to have one, the fact that she is a prostitute is not in fact the reason a meaningful relationship wouldn't work. "For those who can separate the physical from the emotional" (This is where the confusion lies?) My point in there is a little blurred (I have to admit it was about 4 in the morning and I was quite drunk when I wrote it) and apologies for that.i don't love them like i'm falling in love with this wonderful, remarkable, amazing man. I've asked him several times, if he's ever NOT okay with any aspect of my work to tell me right away what it is and why, and i'd be more than happy to make necessary adjustments to accomodate our relationship. just my case, the same as if i'd just gotten off work at any other job...and with my boyfriend, it's so much more meaningful and intimate.

Eventually the time will come that I'll stop, and he will still be by my side.Before we decided to become official she made sure to tell me what she does and was patient in letting me decide for myself what I was going to do with that information.Yes, it has taken a while for me to adjust to the idea, however all it takes is a little compartmentalization and the realization that I am not her clients and they are not me.The reality is, her clients will never meet her family, will never have a Christmas with her, will never be welcome in her home, will never know her real name among many other things.At times insecurity will set in, but that's the human condition and usually for me, it happens not about her work, but about the day to day living.

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