Racism in gay dating

When such a large percentage of people share a preference, it’s normal to ask where that preference comes from.

And when it comes to a systemic preference in favor of white people, racism is the most likely culprit.

These conversations frequently speak to white people with internalized white supremacist standards of beauty that exclude people of color from their dating pools and asks them to expand their desires in order to incorporate people of color into their lives through sex and romance.

For example, growing up I was embarrassed about my dark brown nipples, and hated my thick hair.

I wanted to be thin and straight so I could have the trendy haircuts that never worked for my hair.

This is merely an invitation to try and push the conversation even white folks to allow us into their hearts and beds as a prized possession.

But we don’t talk about how this frequently comes from desperate and assimilationist attempts to be closer in proximity to whiteness through accessing white partners.

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