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That’s a testament to how well the 31-year-old has bridged the celebrity-civilian gap by using her vast social media platform — nearly 20 million followers between Twitter and Instagram — to share unfiltered missives about everything from plastic surgery to the unbearable duration of the Oscars.

—Ryan Teague Beckwith Most people probably follow Rowling on Twitter for the new tidbits she drops about her massively successful Harry Potter franchise. Perhaps the best demonstration of her power came earlier this month, when Trump suggested, via Twitter, that the mayor of London was wrong for telling citizens to stay calm after the June 3 terror attack.And while it did kick off with a murder mystery, it quickly transformed into something far more fascinating: an in-depth exploration of one man’s life — and death — in Woodstock, Ala. Breaking from traditional podcast style, host Reed and the remains one of the world’s most-downloaded podcasts, nearly four months after its debut.But as the series grew more popular, some accused it of being exploitative and insensitive, especially in exposing so many secrets about a subject who was not alive to defend himself.As the 2016 presidential campaign heated up, members of the alt-right started editing Pepe’s likeness and using it to spread racist, sexist and anti-Semitic messages, so much so that the Anti-Defamation League declared Pepe a “hate symbol.” Furie has repeatedly condemned the memes, and in May he killed Pepe off in an attempt to reclaim his creation. But by night — or more realistically, whenever he has free time — Pruitt voluntarily works as an editor for Wikipedia, the increasingly popular online encyclopedia.But those efforts have been mostly futile, showing just how quickly and powerfully the Internet can seize — and transform — even a seemingly benign piece of content. Since 2006, he has made roughly 2 million Wikipedia edits, more than any other English-language editor.

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