Who is keith sweat dating

Are you aware that you were always coined "the beggar"? Essence.com: You've been off the music scene for more than a minute. When I did go to another label they were trying to be slick and pimp me. My situation was what it was, without going into it a 100 percent.

I was so accustomed to the game that I wasn't having it. What I learned about me is that I like to finish what I start and finish it well, otherwise I feel as if I failed. You can only be responsible for your feelings and actions.

Essence.com: Yes everyone's hearts go out to the Levert family.

Let's switch gears, what is the format of your radio show? S.: It's called The Sweat Hotel and I play music and talk to the ladies.

Essence.com: Your new album's title, Just Me, is pretty self-explanatory.

That "special" jam can transport us back to special moments and events in our child and adulthood or create a freeze frame of our personal style or dated centric vernacular.

Whenever a classic Keith Sweat tune such as “I Want Her" or "Make It Last Forever" blares, I'm reminded of my personal transition when I straddled the fence of bidding my tomboyish style of oversized baggy jeans with tight spandex shirts for a more alluring, sleeker, sexier young lady who was beginning her journey into early womanhood.

You might catch me at the grocery store, but you won't see me out and about in Atlanta. Staying in the loop and making sure you look your best so you aren't looking any kind of way when you're on stage is all a part of the job. How much of that has to do with your upbringing and your brief career on Wall Street? S.: I grew up in Harlem Grant projects and I didn’t have a whole lot then.

Essence.com: What is your least favorite responsibility as an artist? S.: Besides waking up for early morning interviews is that you always have to be pleasant because people don’t care about you having a bad day or that you're on your own time shopping for groceries. I’ve always been good about only getting what I need, not what I want.

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